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Vbeam pulsed dye laser

A laser beam of high-intensity light delivers a controlled amount of therapeutic heat to targeted blood vessels on the face. Depending on the laser used, sensations vary, but most patients easily tolerate them. Little down time; results are permanent although number of treatments may vary depending on the prominence of the veins.


The most effective treatment for leg veins has traditionally been sclerotherapy, where an injection is administered into the spider vein, eradicating it. This probably remains the most effective technique to treat leg veins.

Fractional Laser

The Lumenis Ultra Pulse Fractional CO2 Laser emits a high-energy laser beam over the skin’s surface in a fractional pattern, leaving untouched skin to promote quicker healing. This laser provides a range of treatments that meet each patient’s needs. Most people continue to show improvement up to six months after the procedure, and long lasting results. This type of laser is used for treating fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, acne scars.

Tattoo Removal

A MedLite┬« laser removes tattoo ink with the energy of light at a specific wavelength which passes into the skin and is absorbed by the ink, causing it to break into tiny particles that are removed by the body’s natural filtering systems. MedLite┬« lasers provide maximum tattoo removal. The number of treatments needed depends on the intensity and quality of ink used and the depth of ink in the skin.